alloc_workqueue() (Vanilla)

Snippet from my patch:


–       asus->led_workqueue = create_singlethread_workqueue(“led_workqueue”);

+       asus->led_workqueue = alloc_workqueue(“led_workqueue”, 0, 0);


  • led_workqueue is involved in updating LEDs queues &led->work per asus_led.
  • The led_workqueue has multiple work items which can be run concurrently.
  • The dedicated workqueue is kept so that the work items can be flushed as a group.
  • Since it is not being used on a memory reclaim path, WQ_MEM_RECLAIM has not been set.
  • Since there are only a fixed number of work items, explicit concurrency limit is unnecessary here.



Used when the queued work items can be run concurrently.

No special flags required


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