LinuxCon North America 2016


As an Outreachy Intern at the world’s largest software project—The Linux Kernel—I was really fortunate to attend the LinuxCon NA 2016, which gave me an opportunity to learn from the best and the brightest minds of the Linux community and from around the world and gain and share knowledge about the bleeding-edge open source APIs and tools.

With Helen Fornazier and Karen Sandler, fellow members of the Outreachy Panel @ LinuxCon NA 2016

As an attendee, I really enjoyed the presentation of Jared and JR Nielsen, about producing professional media on Linux. Currently, the computer vision & simulation industry runs mainly on proprietary software, which is costly and inaccessible to many. This conference will help me learn more about tools such as Lightworks, Blender, GIMP and many more free, open source software specific to graphics and computer vision. As I’m pursuing my undergraduate honors research in computer vision, I plan on using the image processing  tools and techniques that I learn during my research to make meaningful contributions to the open source industry via computer vision.

I also enjoyed  Ruth Suehle’s leadership talk about managing Open Source community and Standards. I have been involved in various open source projects both large and small, and I believe her talk has helped me see  the leadership aspect of a successful open source project and community.

Apart from the amazing talks and workshops that it offered, I found LinuxCon as an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals from the World, especially the women in technology. I thank Intel for the Women in Opensource Lunch which helped me connect with amazing women in technology.

As a speaker, I enjoyed promoting async execution with workqueues. I felt really encouraged and motivated and the feedback was simply amazing! Workqueue is extensively used across the Linux kernel. But currently there are around 280 legacy workqueue creation interface users that can be updated to use the Concurrency Managed Workqueues.  I’m happy that my talk helped promote the flexibility, ease and robustness of workqueues for asynchronous execution of functions and will hopefully encourage the developers to use it in upstream kernel development.

As an avid open source enthusiast, attending LinuxCon, has motivated me to conduct similar events in my local city in India which will help others take their first steps into open source.. I am especially focused on helping women get involved in open source as I believe this will help bridge the gender gap and promote faster technological advances.

A big shout-out to my mentor, Mr Tejun Heo for his constant support and guidance…

With the world’s coolest mentor 🙂

And a big thank you to the Linux Foundation and the Outreachy team for fully sponsoring my trip..  Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated and thank you for investing in  my future! 🙂





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