Grace Hopper Conference India

Yet another conference. This time it was the Grace Hopper Conference India, which is the largest annual conference for women in computing and technology in the country. Simply overwhelming participation with over 3000 amazing women in technology from varied backgrounds and different countries.


I really enjoyed the keynote session by Vanitha Narayanan, Managing Director of IBM India. It was indeed very inspiring to listen to her intriguing journey – as an individual and a professional. Her talk made me realize that it’s important to focus on the present as much as it is to plan for the future, more precisely “Live for the present; plan for the future“.

As a Design Aficionado, I also enjoyed the workshop on designing facial gesture based interfaces tapping Neuro technology. The session was a hands on workshop to design facial gesture controlled interfaces applying the design thinking methodology.

As an ML enthusiast, it was interesting to know about the machine learning and data science applications involved in iConnect: Exponential Technology, which is one of GE’s business centric innovations to control, power and maintain its sites and products.

As a speaker at the conference, I enjoyed sharing my learnings and experience about open source and encouraged many more equally motivated women in technology to Dive into Open Source with the Linux Kernel. We presented our talk about Open Source and Industry in the Campus to Corporate track, showcasing how young women can prepare themselves for the corporate world and chart out the best course for their career. I thank my outreachy buddy, Shraddha Barke for her amazing support as a collaborator at the conference. Through our talk we tried doing our bit in making open source communities more diverse and more welcoming to newcomers. 🙂 I hope that it encourages more women to explore open source…

I thank the Anita Borg Institute for granting me the Grace Hopper Scholarship Award and for sponsoring my trip. 😀


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