Smart Helmet – Third Eye

This project was done as part of Honors Project I, under the guidance of Professor CV Jawahar at CVIT, IIIT Hyderabad.

Smart phones have revolutionized how we use technology. Affordability of smartphones has ensure its reach to a large segment of population. We carry it with us everywhere we go, browse internet regularly, capture photos and videos while on vacations. It is often used to create and consume content in various form, such as text, audio, images and videos. These devices are however, not being used to their full capability. Most of the time the device is remain kept unused in pockets or on table. This is essential as we use hands for our day to day tasks and hence it is impractical and unproductive to be engaging with such devices during other activities.

We propose a simple helmet like hardware to be worn on head which

(1) Allows the device to be used for long duration without affecting the productivity,

(2) Assists person with disabilities in several ways through audio and haptic feedback, and

(3) Opens up possibilities of several exciting applications.

Such helmets enjoy the benefit of having the first-person view i.e., have the same view as the user. The device records the experiences in the way the user perceives.